Leading the creation of a sustainable and accountable food system that is better for you, for the environment and for the animals

With global demand for meat on the rise, we provide an eco-efficient solution to feed and nurture a clean and thriving planet.



Ensuring access to delicious, safe and healthy nutrition for everyone, anytime and anywhere.



Protecting our planet’s resources, biodiversity and climate for future generations.



Fostering substantial partnerships and alliances for a sustainable ecosystem.



Promoting prosperity and fulfillment, aligned with social and economical growth.

Giving you the freedom to make a truly sustainable and ethical choice

Two-pronged approach
to sustainability

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Sustainable BioFarming

  • Envrionemntal accountability
  • Zero carbon emissions by 2025
  • Employment opportunities
  • Holistic and cooperative mindset

Ecological Restoration

  • Reforestation
  • Conservation of natural resources
  • Biodiversity preservation
  • Animal welfare

Feeding the world population with accessible and healthy nutrition

Our exploration of space advances sustainability on Earth

While our efforts are focused on solving sustainability challenges on planet Earth, our experiments in space offer tremendous learnings towards our mission to provide healthy nutrition through efficient usage of resources.


  • Providing access to healthy nutrition to anyone, anytime, anywhere
  • Overcoming dependencies on natural resources in food production
  • Zero-waste approach
  • Advancing life-support systems for long-term space missions

Learn more about our role in the world’s first successful experiment in producing meat on the International Space Station together with 3D Bioprinting Solutions.

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Planting seeds of change,
and watching them grow


Z-Board: Generation Z
global advisory-board program

Obligation to future generations

We have developed a dialogue-platform that enables us to listen to youth from around the world regarding how they see their future and to engage young leaders in the development of our vision.

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