Process Development Scientist

Department: Process Development

Location: Rehovot, Israel

Aleph Farms, a pioneer in the field of cultivated meat, is expanding and looking for Process Development Scientist for full-time position at the company’s Rehovot site. Suitable candidates will bring to the team good interpersonal communication with the ability to work well independently, attention to details as well as technical and analytical skills.


  • At least Master’s degree in Science.
  • At least 3 years of experience with developing processes in bioreactors for mammalian cell-based products (cell therapy).


  • Evaluate, plan and carry out a new production process.
  • Control bio-process trials in small lab scale to pilot plant.
  • Scale up the production process via plant trials, making changes to raw materials or components and process parameters to ensure quality is maintained during large-scale production.
  • Improve yields and quality of the production process by reducing costs and efficiency of bottleneck steps in the process.
  • Develop test methods to assess the production process.
  • Validate new processes for yield enhancement.
  • Advise on equipment modification to enable process changes for new product development.
  • Read and write technical reports and specifications, while maintaining appropriate records
  • Initiate and generate ideas based on reading and on research.

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